DAA Alpha-Xi Pouch without Color Inlays

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DAA Alpha-Xi Pouch without Color Inlays. Inlays sold separately.

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NOTE: This is an Alpha-Xi Magazine Pouch without Inlay! Inlays sold separately. 

The Alpha-Xi magazine pouches have evolved from the Alpha-X pouches introduced in early 2018. DAA listened to customer-feedback, both positive and negative, and worked to develop their next general pouch that builds on the strongest features of the Alpha-X pouch, while addressing and resolving its weaknesses.

The new pouch has a striking modern look with large side cut-outs around the tension wheel. The smaller wheel used is not only convenient to rotate but now make it possible to easily mount a large magnet on the outside face of the pouch body.

The main advancement  in the Alpha-Xi design is the manner in which the belt-hanger ball-joint attaches to the pouch body. The dove-tail solution from the Alpha-X were occasionally a weak point when the pouches were hit hard, as when going prone or catching a magazine on a barricade or table edge. In the new Alpha-Xi design, the ball-joint is attached using a custom-made wide-head screw which fits through the aluminum side wall of the pouch, making it extremely durable and strong.

The Alpha Xi pouch body offers 8 connection points to choose from – three height positions each for Right-hand or Left-hand shooters, and two height options for bullets-out mounting. A Key-seat engagement is used in combination with the custom wide-head screw, to prevent any possible wiggle, movement or weakness.

The ball joint is held in the aluminum belt hanger using a pressure coupling with a large T25 Torx M6 Screw. This offers a totally secure lock up and the option to make minute adjustments to the pouch’s angle and tilt.

To further elevate the quality and durability of the product, the Allen screws have all been replaced with T20 and T25 Torx-head screws, and a custom made key which incorporates both these sizes is included.

The Alpha-Xi utilizes the same wrap-around spacers (but not identical parts), which align all magazine sizes in the center of the pouch body, while fully enveloping them with polymer, to prevent any possible binding and to create the smoothest draw of the magazine.

The spacer system incorporates a height-adjustable bridge support under the magazine, allowing the user to determine how deeply the magazine seats into the pouch.

Three sets of spacers are included as standard with every pouch, to fit all double-stack magazines (excluding the very large Glock/HK .45 mags). A single stack spacer adaptor is available too and is sold as an accessory.

And finally, a dash of color and personalization can be added with the laser-cut plastic inlays, available for user installation in several colors.

DAA Alpha-XiP Pouch

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