Hyskore® Modular Pistol Rack - 3 slots

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The Hyskore® 3 Gun Modular Pistol Rack

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The Hyskore® 3 Gun Modular Pistol Rack is constructed from closed cell, non-reactive, foam that will not absorb moisture or react with lubricants or solvents. It has a soft, suede-like finish, but is rigid enough to offer firm support. The rest will hold three pistols with either single stack or double stack magazines, and can be disassembled and reconfigured to hold guns with wider or narrower grips. The modular feature of the rest also means that two (2) or more rests can be connected together and reconfigured not only to give each gun its own “special home”, but also to take maximum advantage of all available space in your safe.

  • Accommodates 3 Pistols/Revolvers
  • Measures: 8 ¼” W x 7 ½” D x 6” H (215x191x152mm)
  • Modular construction
  • Capacity can easily be expanded