Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit for Tanfoglio

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Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit for Tanfoglio

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Artikelnummer: ET-152011

Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit for Tanfoglio.
All the springs in this kit are made for the best performance in competition and to produce better competition results.
If you're wanting to upgrade your Tanfoglio pistol for competitions, this is the right kit for you.

These springs are designed to work together in your pistol to provide the best recoil management, feel and function of your Tanfoglio in competition.

Take your Tanfoglio to the next level and upgrade it with the Eemann Tech Competition springs kit.

Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit ET-152011 for Tanfoglio contains:

• ET-151830 Eemann Tech Recoil Spring for Tanfoglio 10 lbs - 1pc.
• ET-151433 Eemann Tech Hammer Spring for Tanfoglio 13 lbs - 1pc.
• ET-151331 Eemann Tech Competition Trigger Spring for Tanfoglio - 1pc.
• ET-151530 Eemann Tech Firing Pin Spring for Tanfoglio - 1pc.
• ET-151930 Eemann Tech Sear Spring for Tanfoglio - 1pc.
• ET-151680 Eemann Tech Magazine Catch Spring for Tanfoglio - 1pc.
• ET-151560 Eemann Tech Firing Pin Safety Spring for Tanfoglio - 1pc.
• ET-151113 Eemann Tech Extractor Spring for Tanfoglio - 1pc.

Compatible with:
• Tanfoglio STOCK II, III or similar
• Tanfoglio Xtreme II, III or similar